How To Make Flash Games Without Coding

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Today we are Posting How To make Flash Games without Coding Experience.

Many of us Play Games Regularly but Now-a-Days all the Games are 3-D with high Graphics but as we all know that Gaming started with low Graphics and 2-D or Platform type Gameswere only made.

We all have Wondered How do they Make Games?
Answer to this Question is Game Engines. By using Game Engines, Professionals make Professional Games with high Graphics and 3-D view.

But the Question is How can a Beginner make some Games?
Answer to this Question is "Game Maker". A software for Beginners which help them to make 2-D Flash Games without Coding but if you have Some Basic Knowledge of Game MakerLanguage ( GML ) then you can make more Complex and Great Games.

How to Create Flash Games without Coding?

  • You can make Games using "Game Maker" and it comes with Basic Tutorials.
  • Just Download the Game Maker 8 Pro version from Below and Install it on you System.
  • Now Run the Game Maker Pro version and it will ask you if you want to use the Basic version or Advanced version.
  • Don't Panic, Just click the Advanced Version Game Maker will Start.
  • To make your First Game, Just Follow the Tutorial which comes with the Game.
  • For Further Knowledge of Game Maker, you can Search for that on Youtube.
  • That's all!!
  • Just give it some Time and Tweak more out of it and you will be able to make your own Flash Games.

Below is a Link to Download a Game that I made by myself.
Download From Here.


Download Game Maker 8 Pro


You can Download Game Maker 8 Pro ( Paid Version ) from Below and Start making Games.
Post your Games that you Make below in the Comments Section!

If you face any Problems Regarding Game Maker, Post a Comment.
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