How To Port MTK ROMs [All Chipsets Method]

How To Port MTK ROMs [All Chipsets Method]

We are back again with easiest method for port Roms in Mtk Chipset Android Smartphones. if you are reading this guide then guess that you are a mtk phone user or a developer of mtk android phone. i am presenting here rom porting method for mtk smartphones. Mtk chipset roms are easiest to port in comparison to other chipet devices. Personally i also like Mtk smartphone for their cheap price and best performance and so many tools. here i am presenting Mtk rom port guide for newbie users. all people who rooted their phones they want to flash roms and port own roms in thier phones so here it's you mtk rom porting guide. this guide will work for all MT65xx phone models so let's talk about mtk rom porting guides.

This Rom Port Guide Will Work For Same Chipset Mtk Phones for Example

MT6575 to MT6575

MT6582 to MT6582

MT6577 to MT6577

MT6589 to MT6589

and so on.....

No Need of Source Code
No Need of Kernel Source
No Need of LINUX...

Some Requirements for port roms in Mtk Chipset Phones
Rom file in .zip format from same MTK chipset which you want to port
Your Stock Rom Flashable Zip File
Computer or Mobile Phone (Better to use Pc)
And most important thing Brain

Steps For Port ROM In MTK Chipset Phone

Extract the ROM to port and you will have these main things:

If you have them then you are ready for next step.
Open /system folder of stock and rom to port. 
Open bin folder of stock ROM and copy these files:
Now replace these files in ROM to Port's /System/Bin folder.
Open lib folder of Stock ROM and get these files:
Replace all the files mention above to ROM to Port's /system/lib folder.
Now open Stock ROM's /system/etc/ folder and copy these files:

Enjoy porting roms in your MTK Device and keep visit here for more stuffs like This. MTK Rom Port Guide All Chipsets
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