How to increase speaker volume on Yureka

One of the few little cons of the Yu Yureka is the low speaker volume. The fix we are about to share will help you increase speaker volume on Yureka. Fixing this can be critical to your daily usage of Yureka as low speaker volume can lead to missing calls, and not being able to enjoy music in loud surroundings. So keep calm and follow the guide.

Before you start dreaming about having the perfectly loud speaker on your Yu Yureka, let us list down the only prerequisite that you need to have in order to be able to follow this guide:
  • You need a rooted Yu YurekaAs you can root your Yureka without even voiding its manufacturer warranty, 
  • How to root YUREKA KK HERE
Increase speaker volume on Yureka

You can refer to this youtube video along with the steps given below, though the steps below should work just fine without even having to watch the video. Both these should be enough to help you boost the speaker volume on your Yureka.

Increase speaker volume on Yureka

  1. Install a free file manager that can handle root permissions. ES File Explorer is a good free option to go ahead with.
  2. Open the file manager you are going to work with. The instructions that follow are assuming you are using ES File Explorer. Though the name of the options might differ in different file managers, this guide would work no matter which file manager you are using.
  3. Swipe from the left edge, and under the Local tab, select the Device option to get to the / folder on your device.
  4. Go to system -> etc and open the mixer_paths.xml file by tapping on it. Depending on the apps that you've installed on your phone, you will be presented with a list of apps that can open the file. Select the ES Note Editor option.
  5. Once the mixer_paths.xml file is open in the ES Note Editor, press the pencil icon on the top right corner to enter the editing mode.

    Note: Instead of making the edits mentioned in the next steps yourself, you can download this already modified file from my Yureka and paste it in the location of the original file.
  6. Now find this line:
    <ctl name="RX3 Digital Volume" value="84" />
    and replace the value 84  with a higher number. We've been using "89" without any issues so far, and this increases speaker volume on Yureka decently enough. Assuming that you decide to go by the same value, the updated line should look like this:
    <ctl name="RX3 Digital Volume" value="89" />
    Please note that while users have not faced any problems even with "91", going above this can potentially harm your speaker. So please exercise caution in setting this value.
  7. Finally, find this line:
    <ctl name="Speaker Boost" value="DISABLE" />and replace the "DISABLE" value with "ENABLE" (yes, you guessed it right), so that the line finally becomes:
    <ctl name="Speaker Boost" value="DISABLE" />
    That's it. Pressing the back button once will present an alert box confirming whether you want to save the changes you just made to the file. Select the yes option, and the file will be saved with the changes you just made.
Once you have made the changes, reboot your phone. Once your phone reboots, play your favorite song and pump up  the volume to the max using your volume rockers. What do you think? You managed to increase speaker volume on Yureka! A set of congratulations are due for the rejoiced sound your Yureka's speaker is producing now.

thx to Gaurav Gahlyan

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